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Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French... What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct.


Mahatma Gandhi

Editorial, The Harijan, 26-11-1938

Few Cultural Boycott Successes of 2012 Worldwide


January 2012: The acclaimed French writer, Jacques Ranciére, cancels plans to give public readings at Israel's Tel Aviv University.

February 2012: Grammy-winning jazz singer, Cassandra Wilson and singer-songwriter Cat Power (Chan Marshall) both publicly cancel their Israeli gigs. Wilson said in a statement: “As a human rights activist I identify with the cultural boycott of Israel.”

March 2012: Thirty seven artists and actors, including Academy Award, Emmy and and Golden Globe winner Emma Thompson, write to the Shakespeare Globe Theater in London requesting it to withdraw its invitation to Israel's Habima theater. Locally, Durban based hip hop artist, Iain "Ewok" Robinson, releases a music track, "Freedom for us All",  for the international "BDS Day of Action".

April 2012: Two Irish bands, Fullset and the Dervish respect the cultural boycott of Israel and cancel a series of their planned shows in Israel. The Dervish explained their position in a public statement:  “At the time [that] we agreed to these performances we were unaware that there was a cultural boycott [against Israel] in place. We now feel that we do not wish to break this boycott".

May 2012: South African Nobel Prize Laureate, J.M. Coetzee, and Slumdog Millionaire author, Vikas Swarup, both turn down invites to Israel's International Writers Festival, Coetzee makes it clear that he will only participate "when the peace process goes forward."

June 2012: Pulitzer Prize winning author, Alice Walker, refuses the Israeli company, Yediot Books, from publishing her award-winning novel, The Color Purple (in the 1980s, when the ANC had called for a boycott against South Africa, Walker also refused Apartheid South Africa permission to screen the movie adaptation of her book).

July 2012: Reggae artist, Sizzla Kalonji, cancels his Israeli gig. Then, later in July, the Canadian-based band, the Three Little Birds, perform their music single "Apartheid" on Canadian national television.

August 2012: In violation of the Palestinian boycott-of-Israel-picket-line, the Edinburgh International Festival invites  Israel's Batsheva dance company. Activists and protesters subsequently --and successfully-- disrupted several Batsheva performances. The protests against Israel's Batsheva remind us of the sports boycott protests and disruptions of the 1980s against Apartheid South Africa's rugby and cricket teams that attempted world tours in violation of the ANC's boycott.

September 2012: British theater director Peter Brook and the Bouffes du Nord theatre troop of France honor the call to boycott Israel, cancelling their planned performances for December at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv.

October 2012: Hip hop duo Rebel Diaz and Narcenio Hall boycott the two-day 2012 Creative Time Summit in Manhattan because of the summit’s partnership with an Israeli organization funded by the Israeli government.

November 2012: The Cape Town World Music Festival lands in deep water due to collaboration with and sponsorship from the Israeli Government. The Festival has to do without its headline main stage act when Pops Mohamed pulls out. Also in November, South African musicians Simphiwe Dana and Tumi Molekane (from Tumi and the Volume) tweet using their official Twitter accounts supporting the boycott of Israel.

December 2012: Music legend, Stevie Wonder, cancels his scheduled performance at a benefit gala for the Israeli military. Finally, also in December, Roger Waters, front-man and founder of Pink Floyd, addresses the United Nations on the issue of Palestine and the international boycott of Israel. Waters said: “[The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel campaign] aims to bring non-violent economic pressure to bear on Israel to force an end to its violations, an end to [Israel's] occupation and apartheid...and an end to Palestinian citizens of Israel being required to live as second class citizens, discriminated against on racial grounds, and subject to different laws than their Jewish compatriots.”

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