Indian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel


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Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French... What is going on in Palestine today cannot be justified by any moral code of conduct.


Mahatma Gandhi

Editorial, The Harijan, 26-11-1938

InCACBI Endorses PACBI's appeal to Konrad Adenauer Foundation

InCACBI Endorses PACBI's appeal to Konrad Adenauer Foundation 

Konrad Adenauer Foundation: Respect the Rule of Law

PACBI - Oct 4, 2012

We are writing to you from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) to urge you in the strongest terms to cancel your co-sponsorship of the public lecture on “The Crisis of Governance in the Middle East”, co-organized with the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya to be held in Herzliya on October, 10, 2012.

Going ahead with this conference would inadvertently lend a stamp of approval to Israeli policies of massive human rights and international law violations. This is especially so given the ties of these institutes to the Israeli military establishment, and the way they abuse public events as an opportunity to whitewash Israeli crimes under international law. (...)

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19 Aug 2015

The Palestine Solidarity Committee and Jana Natya Manch invite you to